The BWDA Arts & Science College is managed by BWDA, a non-governmental organization (NGO) registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Act. Dr. C. Joslin Thambi, a dedicated social worker is the Founder and Secretary of BWDA. Mrs. Prabala Jabeegara Ross, an educationalist, with over 30 years of experience is the Correspondent of the college.

Dr. Earnest Raja, Dr. Sudha Christy Joy, with over 10 years of experience is the Principal In-charge of the college.

BWDA Arts & Science College’s Advisory Council advises the Principal and the Governing Body on issues related to the development and implementation of major policies. Experienced educationalists, development practitioners, and other experts constitute this council. The Executive Committee is responsible for taking and implementing administrative and academic decisions on the management of the School. The committee refers all fundamental academic or constitutional decisions to the Management Board

Members of the Governing Council

Chairman: Dr.Gnana Rabinson

Secretary: Dr.C.Joslin Thambi

Director-cum-Correspondent: Mrs.Prabala Jabeegara Ross

Consultant: Dr.G.Pankajam

Principal (In-charge): Dr. Sudha Christy Joy

Vice Principal (In-charge): V.Sekar

Council Members: Mr. Govindharaj, Mr. Emil Jeba Singh, Mr. Nanjil K. Rajendran